Food Photographer Surrey

I just love food!! This means that I am well placed to be the food photographer that you have always been looking for.

Having a great passion for cooking myself. I understand the importance of mouth watering food photography.

You need your marketing images to show your creations off at their best. Just the way you designed them to be. This means that the food should look hot and fresh. The aim is to tingle the taste buds of your clients.

Using natural light is always best, however this effect can be recreated using artificial light as well if necessary. Working at your location means setting the scene by capturing  your premises in the background. Therefore featuring your particular ambience will really help you to realise those mouth watering shots.  The aim is to help to sell your dream.

Styling is also very important. Alongside this relating the story of the origins of your food helps to place it in the context of your particular business. 

So how does it all work?

I am very mindful that you are a busy business owner. This means that I will attend your premises to carry out the shoot at a time that is convenient for you and your business.

You can have the confidence that many years of experience ensures that I will capture your food in the best light. Images are supplied in forms suitable for any end use, such as to feature on your website in social media or else for print.

This all sounds wonderful and you are probably thinking that this would be expensive. You will probably be surprised as it will be more cost effective than you would expect.

If you have the passion to show off your food creations at their best then I would love to take your call or enquiry through the contact form.




Please make enquiries via the contact form or call me for a chat on 07876 312068