Corporate Photographer Surrey

There is a huge sense of fulfilment running your own business. It brings so much more satisfaction than being employed.

I take great pride in being a commercial photographer, mainly because I get to work with other businesses who have the same passion and drive as me. I love to help them fulfil their dreams by creating special marketing images that make them stand out.

There are many aspects to commercial photography and maybe what you are looking for is covered within my areas of specialism.

Corporate Branding

As a business owner, I am sure that you have invested a lot of time and effort into building brand. Part of that is to source unique images that tell the story of your business and reflect its true character and ethos. As a commercial photographer I recognise the importance of this in order to show your unique identity to your clients.

For me, this is an area that I term ‘business lifestyle’. You need to portray the passion that you have and the culture you have created for your business. This sets your business apart from the competition and allows people to instantly view your primary USP – You.

I have helped many businesses enhance their branding with creative images that fit their unique identity. To help me with this I need to get to know your business. I need to share the passion that you have, so that I take images that reflect your love for your business.

Corporate Head Shots

An important area to consider is the head shot or corporate portrait. You need to have a consistent and professional look for your portraits.

 I can arrange a studio style shoot or come to you and complete a more natural set of shots in the comfort of your office.

Please fill out the contact form or do give me a call to discuss your Head Shot requirements.

Product Photography

If you sell a product you will need first class images to really market that product effectively. It is especially important to make sure that the lighting enhances the product and that the colours are correct.The product should look appealing to your clients.

I have a dedicated studio space for small product photography yet larger products would require the hire of professional facilities.



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