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There is a huge sense of fulfilment running your own business. It brings so much more satisfaction than being employed and I take great pride in being a commercial photographer.

This is mainly because this gives me the chance to work with other businesses who have the same passion and drive as me. I love to help them fulfil their dreams. To create those special marketing images that make them stand out from the crowd.

Corporate Branding

As a business owner, I am sure that you have invested a great deal of time and effort to build your brand. Part of that is to source unique images that tell the story of your business.  Images that reflect its true character and ethos. As a commercial photographer I recognise the importance of this and the need to portray your unique identity to your clients.

For me, this is an area that I term ‘business lifestyle’. You need to portray the passion that you have and the culture that you have created for your business. This sets your business apart from the competition. It allows people to instantly view your primary USP – You.

I have helped many businesses enhance their branding with creative images that fit their unique identity. To help me with this I need to get to know your business. I need to share the passion that you have, so that I can create those special images that reflect your love and passion for your business.

Interior Photography

My main specialism is interior photography.

Being that I am a fellow creative, I understand the vision that you envisaged during the design phase of your project. My role is to create the images that capture the passion and emotion that you felt during this process. Images that show the ambience and desired aesthetic you wished to create.

As a professional interior photographer, I bring a whole range of skills and experience to your project. It starts with the technicalities of capturing the images. This requires appropriate lens choices and the right range of exposures to bring out all the features of the room. I prefer to use natural light wherever possible however will introduce artificial light where necessary.

The skill is then in the post production where images are blended together so that the ambience is preserved, and everything is in balance. You need to remember that even the most advanced digital camera can never capture what the human eye sees.

So, if you have a special project that warrants extra attention then please give me a call to discuss your vision or fill out the contact form.

PR and Events Photography

PR is of great importance to any organisation, large or small. It will raise awareness and build credibility. You will build your brand reputation within your niche area of business.

It makes real sense to hire a professional commercial photographer to cover your corporate event. This is an area where I have extensive experience. Recent commissions have included business exhibitions, AGM’s and various launch events.

Corporate Head Shots

An important area to consider is the head shot or corporate portrait. You need to have a consistent and professional look for your portraits. I constantly see inappropriate and out of date images, especially on LinkedIn.

 I can arrange a studio style shoot or else come to you and complete a more natural set of shots in the comfort of your office.

Sometimes an informal look is required, so shots on location can be good. I also love the quirky too. In the past I have  arranged shoots in the grounds of a Cistercian Abbey and even under a motorway flyover covered in graffiti.

If you want something more corporate or perhaps quirky do please fill out the contact form or give me a call.


My published work includes a cover image for Inside Shock magazine, event photography in The Daily Telegraph and interior photography featured in Real Homes and Grand Designs magazines.


Training and education is of great importance to me.  I am an active member of The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers regularly attending their annual convention for continuing professional development. 

If you are looking for an expert commercial photographer

I would be delighted to have a chat about your vision and project










Please make enquiries via the contact form or call me for a chat on 07876 312068