I love everything about the female form. All those curves, the bumps and the shapes you can make. I celebrate beauty and the glamour.  For me every woman has her own hidden beauty. As a boudoir photographer I have the skill to bring out this beauty.

Does it matter that you might be plus sized? Of course it does not, you just have to look at art through the ages to realise that the larger woman has always been revered.

Most women are inquisitive, apprehensive, nervous but at the same time excited about boudoir photography. They do not know what to expect. You do not know what to wear. These are the thoughts most women have when it comes to Boudoir photography.

As a boudoir photographer I can help with this. I would love to have a chat to put your mind at ease. To suggest suitable lingerie and to allay your fears. Your pampering session could be in the comfort of your home or else if you really want to push the boat out there are options at a luxurious hotel and spa.

It’s exciting, It’s risqué, It’s fun.

Why would you want a boudoir session?

So who wants Boudoir photography? You might want it as gift for your husband or partner. Otherwise It might be to celebrate the stage of life where you are at and feel comfortable with. You might just want to boost your confidence and self-esteem. There are many reasons but the one thing that brings everything together is the pampering and the fabulous experience that you will have.

I always work with a qualified hair and make-up artist and insist that she remains throughout the shoot to help preserve your best looks and to give you peace of mind that you are in safe surroundings.

Session prices start from only £199 with a great range of affordable products available to choose from. Call 07876 312 068 for bookings.