Fashion Photography: Urban Style Creative Shoot.

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Fashion Photography:  Portfolio shoot for recently arrived Aussie model Lora.

I would love to do what most photographers dream of – to break into the world of fashion photography. As you would imagine this is somewhat difficult and it is all about who you know, although for me it is more about creativity. I do not generally carry out fashion photography professionally, however the techniques utilised can be used throughout the rest of my photography.

I also like to play and subscribe to a number of platforms where I can view and book models. Here it is all about connecting with talented people, mainly for collaboration.  I have recently discovered a new model in town, Lora. She is an Australian girl who is actively seeking shoots in order to build her portfolio. The beauty is that she is based only a couple of miles from me. I always like to get to know people that I work with so we arranged to meet for a coffee. Thankfully we both got on and arranged a test shoot in Guildford, a beautiful town in Surrey. Guildford is steeped in history and lays claim to a Norman keep which was built soon after the Norman invasion. Lora was fascinated by this as there were no buildings more than 150 years old in Australia.


Fashion Photography: Urban street style

Urban style fashion photography in Guildford, Surrey.

I love shooting in Guildford because there is such a variety of locations that can be used. You can move around the town in a very logical order. We started by the river Wey as I know a number of useful places where you can control the light, due to a number of overhangs that provide top shade. Bridges and doorways are brilliant for this. The Wey navigation, a canal managed by The National Trust, is also great. I particularly liked the refurbished wharf buildings whose doorways and entrances provide some great textures as a backdrop.

We found some narrow cobbled lanes with some old street lamps and brilliant texture in the walls. An entrance gate to a park also provided a great backdrop.

We eventually arrived at one of my favourite locations, mentioned above, which is the castle grounds. Again the texture from the stonework and the overhanging arches were the reason to go there. I think that Lora was really impressed with the locations and how well the photos came out. It really is all about controlling the light or perhaps more importantly where to place the shadows.

Fashion Photography - Urban Street Style 

Creativity: It is all about the light and also considerate post production.

The beauty of fashion photography is that you can get away with effects that you would not use in normal photography. Having said that, you should not be too avant-garde and sensitive post production always produces a more fine art feel to the images. My preferred software is Adobe Lightroom where I tend to do most of my post production work. I have a range of plug-ins which add ambience to the images without being too over the top.  Following this I often utilise the excellent Nik filters (sadly no longer being developed) and finish in Photoshop, where I can access a whole bank of actions to tweak the final image.

I was very pleased with the results and Lora commented that the final images were phenomenal.  Lora has agreed to work with me again and we have just shot a rustic style shoot in the village of Hambledon, in collaboration with a make-up artist. More of that another time.

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