Events Photography: Partying down at the Playboy Club

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May 23, 2017
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June 28, 2017

I just love a good party, especially one that is held at such a prestige venue such as the Baroque Bar at the Playboy club. For me this was a dream job, a trip up to the smoke, a willing set of subjects and an atmospheric venue in which to capture the action. Oh and of course some glamorous bunny girls as icing on the cake.

Events Photography Baroque Bar

I just happened to mention that I had acquired this gig to some of my networking buddies and immediately several were willing to carry my camera bag, my light meter or any other feeble excuse for getting in on the action. I was having none of this of course, it was my gig. Why should I?

Events photography: Roulette at the Playboty Club

So travelling light was the order of the day, photo rucksack, one body with zoom lens, flashgun and spare batteries was all that I needed. A quick check on the light at the venue revealedEvents Photography: Bunny Girl that things would be a little challenging to say the least. A reasonably high ISO was needed to give me a half decent shutter speed and a little boost on the flash meant that I was able to capture most of the action. Whatever did they do in the days of film? It has become easier now, however there is still a fair bit of skill involved and a need to really know your camera.

Anyway a fortieth birthday party was the occasion and it came complete with cake, roulette table and plenty of Pimms.

Of course it was not long before everybody was up dancing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. This of course lends itself to some great candid photography and potential embarrasement especially as there was some ‘Dad’ dancing involved.

Having filled a 16GB card I made my excuses to make my way home and leave them in peace to continue the party which I am sure would go on to the wee hours.


Candid Events Photography; Checking the phone



Events Photography: Dancing the night away

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