What to do on a dreich afternoon on Jura

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December 19, 2016
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January 9, 2017

Scotland is well known for its unpredictable weather. They have a very specific term for when it is particularly foul and wet – Dreich! Well, it was on such an afternoon during our recent trip to Jura that I remembered the ruined cottage we had discovered on our route to and from our very remote cottage.

ruined cottage isle of Jura

The original thought was to capture an image of an old stone bridge and a tree along the road, when I first noticed this particular old dwelling, I decided to investigate and found that the door was open. Inside was a photographers dream come true as it was completely wrecked with paint peeling off the walls. The textures and colours were amazing and to top it off there was a rusty old range there as well.

Rusty old range, cottage, Isle of Jura

So the location was banked  for a rainy day. As I said the weather was dreich, so we decided to cash in on our find. Armed with my tripod I started to take a range of images with the intention of merging them later to ensure that everything would have the optimum exposure. After this I decided to concentrate on the details and carried on hand held. Outhouse of ruined cottage, JuraThere is something about dilapidation that is just perfect for photography – the colours and of course the amazing textures, which are really accentuated with sidelighting.

Algae covered tyres, old cottage, JuraWe tried a number of shots reflected in the broken glass door of an old wardrobe, eventually deciding that these were not really working. Then on to the the other rooms in the house where I found some old tyres and the walls covered with a fantastic green layer of algae – more atmospheric images in the can.

Overall we had spent over two hours in this tiny cottage and on returning into the light, found that the rain had stopped and the sun was promising to return.

Miraculously this was the only poor weather on our trip and I felt satisfied that the best had been made of it. There was more rain later in the week but this was in the form of showers which provided some stunning light and dark brooding skies,  a combination that really gets you excited. More of this later…



Rusty old tins, wrecked cottage, Jura

© Andrew Boschier Photography 2016




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