Event photography for quirky artist’s exhibition in Esher, Surrey

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October 17, 2016
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December 19, 2016

I took a call recently from a regular client of mine who happens to be a very talented artist. She asked if I could cover event photography for her latest exhibition she was staging at the Art Agency gallery in Esher, Surrey. Of course I was absolutely delighted as I simply love her bright abstract style of art which often has a quirky twist. I think that this has something to do with her scandinavian roots and that she is a very liberated woman.

Event Photography in Esher, Surrey

As usual with Ann, everything was perfectly planned and executed and very well styled. The evening turned out to be a very glamourous affair indeed with all of her friends and acquaintances extremly well turned out. The catering for the evening was in the capable hands of Four Gables Food, which was a very good choice as I know that they can be quite quirky as well.

Event Photography for Artist in Surrey

I turned up well in advance of the guests as I wanted to how the art at its best before things got going. Later the photography became quite challenging as the venue became very busy and I ended up hovering behind a pillar catching the best moments from this vantage point. This was all testament to the popularity of the artist and her work.

Artist Ann Lindgren chatting with the gallery owners

This is the sort of work that I love, it is such a pleasure to cover this sort of event and of course there are lots of new people to meet and photograph. The gallery owners were lovely and they were absolutely delighted with how successfully everything turned out.

Guests studying th eArtwork of Ann Lindgren

Guests tempted by canapes from Four Gables Food






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